Providing high-quality products that will last a lifetime.

If you can dream it up we can build it. We are artisans that do custom commercial and high-end residential steel and metal fabrication work. Titan Stainless Ltd. in Regina is a custom fabricating shop focused on providing high quality fabrications for general contractors, architects, designers and home owners. Titan Stainless Ltd. is a corporation started in 2005 with the goal of becoming the best custom manufacturing shop in the province. We have succeeded by following our passion and dedication and creating custom works that have a high quality and finish that is unsurpassed by any other shop.


Our team are artisans with the vision to make your metal fabrication projects into a reality. With our experience we can help you with design ideas and know how to visualize a piece come to fruition.


We will finish every job according to plan, on budget and on time. We are adaptable enough to make adjustments when plans change.


In every cut and bend, forming and manipulation down to the finishing we do the jobs to spec. The jobs don’t just pass code they are structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. The work of a true artisan.

Chad Link


Chad Link started his business in 2005 with the goal of becoming the best custom steel manufacturing shop in the province. He works on large-scale commercial projects and interiors that are awe inspiring. Chad has two interprovincial tickets and has over 26 years of custom metal fabricating experience. His vision is to make your dreams into a reality and has the intention of passing his business onto his sons. He does work in Regina and area.

chad link welder and founder of Titan Stainless